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Age of Empires 2
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Welcome to the Age of Civilizations.  Home to Age of Empires 2 game information, civilization, unit and building information, strategies, reviews and links.  Check it out!

Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings is the award winning sequal to Age of Empires.  It is a real time strategy game that takes place in the Middle Ages. You are given the task of controlling one of 13 historical civilizations and leading it to greatness and world dominance. The game is not only enticing, but historically accurate. Age of Empires 2 requires strategy, time commitment, patience and aptitude. It is one of the most successful RTS games on the market. This site will provide ample information on the esteemed computer game. Here you will find information on all 13 civilizations, all of the game's units and buildings, and numerous strategy guides for Random Map games. Plus you'll find links to other Age of Kings websites.  Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

NEW: Check out the "Civilizations" page of this site for complete civilization breakdowns and analysis.  Effective July 1st, 2003.  Also, note the new banner on the site.


  • The Men at Arms flush and the Mongolian Fast Castle...both to be added to the "Strategies" page.  Other strategies to be added include the "50 Knight Rush in 30 Minutes."
  • Original screen shots, to be added to the site, from the screen of my computer to your Internet browser.



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